Abwan Uma

Abwan Uma – Politician Of The Present For Our Future

Abwan Uma

Some people are born to lead. There are so many great political minds which we can learn from and which we can follow in order to pave the road to a brighter future. One such politician is Abwan Uma.

Biography Details

Abwan Uma was born in 1957 to Somali parents in US. This politician has been devoted to politics from the early days when as a student he was promoting his views and supporting Democrats. He has also worked in the ministry for water resources and made sure that water management and waste management is controlled. This amazing politician made some significant changes in our present and paved the way for a better future without even ever pushing himself into the limelight. People like Abwan Uma are truly rare still they remain a shining light at the end of our often grim political tunnel.

Political Career OfAbwan Uma

Abwan Uma never consciously looked for opportunities to make national prominence, but rather worked his entire life towards making life better and easier for everyone. His political route started from his early education which showed him that he should be the change he wants to see in the world. Also, he has delivered more than one fiery speech in many political debates which have certainly put him on the political map. A shy and reserved politician always stayed out of the limelight and did not provoke political scandals or have given the newspapers any reason to write negatively about him.

UCID Party

In July 1999, Abwan Uma decided that he was going to join the UCID party which seemed to reflect the best his personal views and opinions. Abwan Uma also stated: “Whichever political party I have joined or supported as an individual with my individual right to vote, must have my heart on its side. I choose the political option consciously I am supporting with the knowledge that because of me many of my supporters will side with a certain party. This is why I must say that I did not bring this decision lightly. I am fully supporting UCID’s manifesto, and I hope that we will make these changes together”.

Also, Abwan Uma maintains good relationships with the people within the party and political supporters as well as opposition. “I am one of those people who just want to make things right,” he says of himself.