UCID Party Manifesto


In the following article, you will be able to learn a little bit more about the political manifesto, views, and opinions of the UCID Party. Also, make sure you read the whole article before you choose this particular political option or discard it altogether.

Our Mission

The mission of the UCID Party is to make a better world. We hope to bring important and revolutionary changes to our health and educational system which will allow everyone to get the best health care for free and proper education, respectively. As for the moment, UCID party is not particularly satisfied with the way we live as a nation and we have a blueprint which could help us change that altogether.

In addition to that, we also hope to amass a large number of our supporters and ask them if they would like to change anything. So, make sure you become not just an active voter or supporter of our political option and party, but also someone who will propose changes and see that they are brought to existence.

Our Vision

If we were to picture the US we would like to live in; there are many things we would like to change. First of all, something which needs our urgent attention is, of course, a fully-functioning health insurance system, which will allow each human being a way to get health care. Also, it is necessary that changes are made to the education system and perhaps even introduce free education, as it has been done in some European countries. We must also admit, that many laws need changing and of course our society must work hard to become even more humane. We want to live in the altruistic USA that takes good care of its citizens and fellow Americans. We hope to achieve this by setting up new laws as well as changing existing ones and making the changes for our children and grandchildren and ensuring that they live in a better world.

What We Hope To Achieve

We hope to make long-lasting changes that will affect all of us in a positive way. Also, we hope to establish good relationships with other countries and put an end to wars of all sorts. There is no place for waging war in this day and age and we sincerely hope to build a society that is altruistic, hopeful and emphatic.