How to Choose a Political Candidate

presidential candidate

presidential candidateThere’s always been debate between people on how to choose the proper candidate. Some say base your decision on the candidate’s platform. Others cast their votes to conservative types, while there are people who are going with whoever is popular, for surely if they have a lot of supporters they’re worthy of your vote, right?

Not necessarily.

Finding the right candidate to hold the highest office of the land requires several criteria in order for him or her to be qualified for the role. These criteria is vast, and often times malleable.

Resistance to Change

Take conservative candidates for instance. First, what does being conservative mean? It is being traditional, sticking out to the tried and true road, and upholding existing conditions that have worked time and again. An appealing candidate, wouldn’t you say?

But being conservative also poses several drawbacks, and perhaps the biggest of this is having little room for change. Take what’s happening with the recent passing of SCOTUS’ (Supreme Court of the United States) ruling. Conservative politicians seethed when the decision passed and even some are going out of their way to flout the decision.

A great conservative should take joy in the recent verdict as it embodies what it’s really like to be an American: upholding freedom and equality regardless of race, beliefs, and gender orientation. A great conservative preserves the good and embraces changes that possess the same positive qualities as those that he/she upholds.

Is Platform Enough?

Now let’s look at the candidates and their various platforms.

Address climate change, tackle the huge economic disparity among citizens, healthcare, education, border issues, national defense, advancement of the scientific community – these are just some of the most famous changes that presidential candidates are claiming they would acknowledge should they win in 2016.

All these are well and good, but the burning question is will, and can, they deliver?

To glimpse a candidate’s skill in finding out if he/she is up to the task one should look at their past records, achievements, and overall impact during their time as public servant.

Another aspect to look at is if they are consistent on these platforms they’re upholding. Consistency and past decisions are vital in unraveling the character of a candidate.

What legislations have they passed and supported? Was it beneficial for the people as a whole or did it only benefit a small group of individuals?

People should take voting seriously. And by that I mean that research should be made to each candidate to find out if they are ideal in representing you as a citizen of the country. For this candidate is the person that will speak on your behalf; who will represent your rights, defend it, and fight for it should the time come that it needs fighting and defending.

There are still several months left before the 2016 presidential election commence. That’s plenty of time for American citizens to conduct their own probing to see who it is that best represent their interest, and the interest of the country and its citizens as a whole.

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