The Heavyweights Contending for Higher Office

higher office

higher office
With Obama’s impending departure out the White House, and the 2016 American election closing in, Republican and Democratic parties are tidying their suits and readying their speeches left and right. It’s going to be an arduous journey for those who are running. There certainly are a lot of big wigs who have thrown their name inside the ring.

So who’s currently on top?

Hilary Clinton. Yes. The former Senator from New York and first lady, as well as the former United States Secretary of State is currently the leading candidate according to polls and surveys. Clinton is poised to be the first female president of the United States should she win. This novelty alone is giving a lot of people to think about. Some positive, some negative, and the rest are just waiting what the future holds.

Would a female president finally bring the change that everyone is looking for?

That is question that remains to be answered. First, Clinton needs to maintain her present steam with her Democratic party. Early polls aren’t going to decide who will hold next the highest office of the country. It’s merely a baseline on the popularity of that candidate, not to mention that early polls are quite volatile and may change as time passes.

But Clinton and the force behind her is confident that that steam will last until the election’s culmination.

Familiarity and association

Perhaps one of Clinton’s biggest assets is that people already know her. Familiarity comes a long way when it comes to election. But there is also the risk of association. Association of the negative aspects regarding her past role in the government.

Additionally, Quinnipiac University has recently conducted a poll where Clinton emerged on top. However, the same poll found out that more than half of those who participated felt that the Democrat frontrunner isn’t to be trusted.

This sentiment may largely be based on her scandal, which she admitted, that her and former U.S. President Bill Clinton did used a private email server protected by the Secret Service. There’s also the matter of allegations regarding her handling of the murder of a U.S. diplomat situated in Libya, as well as involvement in foreign donations to the Clinton Family Foundation.

The other side of the pond

Meanwhile, in the Republican faction, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is leading with a 15 percent support based on the polls. The son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio has youth on his side, and to his detractors’ opinion, is the only one worth noting as Rubio is fairly inexperienced to step up to the big leagues.

It can also be remembered that the Floridian Senator is among one of the most influential figure who took part in the failed bipartisan attempt to fashion a broader immigration reform bill that would have carved the way to citizenship for about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

While it’s definitely early to see who will stand victorious to hold the highest office in America, analyzing the popularity, past achievements, and the influence backing the heavyweights that have stepped into the fray can certainly shed some light in the matter.

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