Why American People have Lost Faith in their Government

american elections

american electionsAs the days roll pass the 2016 presidential election is growing nearer. Some people are trying to decide who is it that they wish to take on America’s steering wheel. Others have already decided, while there are those that are still waiting it out, looking for someone who’s worthy of their time when Election Day arrives.

But there is a last group, those are the people who aren’t going to participate.


No, I don’t mean the underage citizens that aren’t yet qualified to vote. I’m talking about those that are qualified and yet unwilling to vote.

What exactly is their reason for not voting? Well, some of them just don’t care. But I’m willing to bet they aren’t like that before. As George Carline put it, “Behind every cynic is a disappointed idealist.”

People who seem no to care about political issues in this country have once been optimist. They thought that their vote matters. But each time they partake in the elections, those that are seated has time and again under-delivered, or hasn’t delivered at all, with their promises.

There are also those that feel helpless. It’s no secret that behind every campaign, every candidate, and every speech of that candidate – moving though it is sometimes– is a huge corporation funding the entire run.

And best believe that when their frontrunner wins, it’s those corporations that will be prioritized lest that candidate wishes to lose funding when the next election rolls in.

Bernie Sanders

But there seems to be a glimmer of hope for these cynics. Bernie Sanders. That’s right. To his supporters, Sanders embodies almost every optimist’s ideals, young and old alike.

For instance, he stands for Net Neutrality, his ideas in making college affordable is sound and should be explored, taxing the wealthy as they should be, raising the country’s minimum wage to a living wage, rebuilding the country’s decrepit infrastructure – are just some of his ideas that he will be addressing should he hold this country’s highest office.

But these aren’t just ideas. Sanders have already acted on some of it and being consistent on his stand. While the Vermont state senator might not be leading the poll, he’s extremely popular on different social media platforms.

Cynical heart

However, a cynical heart isn’t easy to win over. “How do we know he isn’t a puppet?” Well, for the first part, he’s electoral campaign is grassroots, funded by small donor contributions and those contributions can be publicly viewed. That means no corporation is hiding behind him.

Wealthy individuals and large corporations have been given tax breaks by political figures for years. Sanders vow to demolish that oligarchy. This is why the 1 percent of this country is going to do everything they can stop him from winning. For if he does, there will surely be drastic changes that will occur; changes that would end the privileges that are being enjoyed by the wealthy at the moment.

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